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Supply Chain Assessment

Lean Business France's Supply Chain Assessment approach covers the following major categories

Supply Chain Strategy

Enterprise Planning, S&OP Planning, IT Strategy, Network Strategy, KPIs, Supply Chain Continuity.

Supply Chain Planning

Forecasting, MPS, Scheduling, MRP, DRP, Inventory

Inbound Manufacturing

Supplier Communication, Supplier Management, Inbound Logistics, Purchase to Pay, Factory Logistics, Manufacturing & Assembly, Outbound Logistics.

Order to Cash Fulfilment

Order Receipt & Management, Distribution, Outbound to Customer, Order to Cash Cycle.

The precise scope and level of detail will obviously depend on your own particular business and requirements.

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Supply Chain Assessment

You are facing a global degradation of supply chain performance, or you have specific issues that need addressing to improve customer service? Or maybe you simply wish to conduct a benchmarking exercise to understand how your supply chain is performing against the competition or even against those of other industries?

Lean Business France’s Supply Chain Assessment provides you with immediate feedback on how you are performing against current best-in-the-field supply chains and insights into where you need to improve to deliver business objectives. We offer an expert, third-party analysis of what you could or need to be doing to ensure customer satisfaction at the end of your supply chain.

Using a structured approach covering all aspects of Supply Chain Management (see the categories in the sidebar on the right), and making use of our own experience, our assessment delivers:

- an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of your current supply chains

- a preliminary identification of key processes needing changes or improvements,

- suggestions for short-term, immediate improvements and actions,

- a basis for developing your Supply Chain Optimisation programme.

We use a structured questionnaire, on-site interviews, and data analysis to develop our preliminary recommendations. We can also obtain feedback from your customers and suppliers.

Lean Business France can contribute to the success of your Supply Chain improvement projects. For further information, please contact us at contact@leanbusiness.fr



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