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Management Education
Kicking off a Lean Transformation

Education and Training of a company's leaders and management team would normally be one of the first steps as you initiate or attempt to give a second wind to your Lean programme.

This would obviously cover the basics and the application of Lean, and integrate a major part on the people and cultural aspects. The examples used would be from your own company - what do your customers value, what are your key processes, and what cultural changes would your company require.

This would then serve as a baseline for building your Lean project and actions as soon as the workshop is over.


Lean Leadership

Lean leaders do more than just lead. Certainly, they need to be able to lead from the front, communicating and motivating throughout the lean improvements. However, Lean leaders also need to be able to manage. They need to understanding the more important detail of what is going on in the office, on the shop floor, or in the service centre, in order to be able to identify and prioritize the right problems to be addressed, and then teach, support, challenge, and also learn themselves from the people around them.

The people and culture of an organization are as important as its rules and processes. They are what makes a Lean transformation work or fail. Building multi-level buy-in and shared responsibility for implementing Lean is critical.

Lean leaders need to have confidence in themselves and in their capability to establish relationships with all around them in a way that is perceived as positive, transparent and motivational.

Ahead of any Lean Transformation, management lean education is normally a first step, in order to align expectations and objectives and ensure that all participants have the necessary level of competence and understanding to contribute to the success of the journey ahead.

Once the programme has been initiated, your leaders and managers will often appreciate the possibility of discussing their experiences and difficulties on both a one-to-one and a team basis with a ‘coach’ that has been there before.

Lean Business France can contribute to the success of your own Lean Leadership Transformation. For further information, please contact us at contact@leanbusiness.fr


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