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Lean Business France
A Valuable Supplement

Lean Business France will never attempt to replace our customers' teams and individuals, whatever their place in the organisation. Our role is to educate, to facilitate, to support, and basically to be there whenever our customer needs us.

We do not pretend, for example, to be able to plan your business for you. However, we do claim to be able to bring the necessary methods, tools and animation and coordination skills to get the best out of your people.

We also reserve the right to challenge you, in a positive and constructive manner, to maybe introduce different ideas and new ways of approaching a subject. We are also vigilant on the unity of a team or an organisation as it moves forward.

We will not replace you, but we can be a valuable supplement.

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Hoshin Kanri Business Planning

How efficient and even enjoyable is your business planning process?

For many companies, it involves strategy development being carried by an elite few at the top of the organization. Directives are driven downwards, each level of the organisation translating in their own way what it means for them, with the result that, by the time it reaches middle management, there are inevitably a number of unconnected and even incompatible demands which have to be integrated into local business planning.

Hoshin Kanri is the business planning process used by Toyota. It aims at mobilizing teams and individuals at all levels of the organization towards common objectives. A literal translation of the Japanese term Hoshin Kanri would be ‘a compass for management’. Another term often used is ‘policy deployment’, but the Hoshin Kanri method can have a number of uses : strategic planning, project management, or even a business operating system to ensure profit growth.

However, beyond the mechanical methods, Hoshin Kanri should also be seen as a means for an organization and its people to maximize performance through teamwork and, at the same time, to learn, grow and develop together. It enables all levels of the organization to work together towards common goals with each actor knowing exactly what is expected of them, through clearly linking a company’s leadership’s vision and strategy to the everyday activity on the shop floor or in the office.

Hoshin Kanri is based on the use of the PDCA approach to manage and improve all aspects of the business through the execution of nested PDCA cycles at different levels of the organization, thus improving the chances of total buy-in to strategic or other targets. It create the conditions where all managers and employees are at ease with the PDCA approach as it applies to their sector of the company and are empowered and prepared to take initiatives.

. For further information, please contact us at contact@leanbusiness.fr


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