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Business Can Be Fun
Putting the Smile into Lean Improvements

One of the characteristics of Lean Business France that you will discover when working with us is that we do like to make our customers smile.

It has (probably) been scientifically proven that people learn better when they are enjoying themselves. We have certainly found so, and place an important emphasis on 'learning by playing' and in introducing team-building exercises into both our training and on-the-job improvement sessions.

We do measure the satisfaction of our customers. Obviously, delivering business improvement is a key driver of that satisfaction. However, we also like to think that it can come from simply having enjoyed working with each other.

Lean is a journey, sometimes a relatively long one. However, time flies when you are enjoying yourselves.

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Creativity and Competitive Advantage

If all companies were to master the art of Lean Management and eliminate all waste from all processes... well, wouldn't life be boring? And all companies would be the same : not making a lot of money.

Business is competitive. To get ahead of the competition, companies need to work out the most effective way to apply principles for success to the unique situation in which they operate. Creativity is required. We can all master the basic principles and tools of Lean, but the key is in applying them better than the competition. To use a quote from Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, biochemist and Nobel Prize winner,

"creativity consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different"

Lean Business France can provide you with a number of tools and methods which encourage the creative implementation of Lean tools and principles. We can help you build a creative culture, where people use intuitive as well as logicial approaches and where group creative techniques are encouraged as a regular approach to problem-solving. Lateral thinking and other creativity techniques can help your teams generate ideas, solve complex problems and improve processes, whether it be

- at board level and the development of the Hoshin Kanri strategic plan,

- at shop-floor or office level to resolve particularly sticky issues, or

- with your customers and suppliers as you work together to overcome the rival supply chains.

Please contact us at contact@leanbusiness.fr to discuss how Lean Business France can help you differentiate your Lean journey from that of the competition.



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