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Value Stream Transformation

A Lean Value Stream Transformation begins with a realisation from top management that there is a critical need for change, continues through a detailed Value Stream Analysis, carries on with the implementation of a planned Future State... and never ends, as the culture of continuous improvement generates better and better processes, every day.

Benefits from a Value Stream Transformation will include improvements in :

- responsiveness through the reduction of the total time for the process from initiation to completion,

- productivity, by reducing non-productive time through eliminating unplanned and planned lost time

- process reliability through the exposure of weaknesses and variations and the removal of waste due to errors and inconsistent quality.

Lean Business France can support your value stream transformation at each of its key stages :

- identification and communication of the 'burning platform', or crisis, that renders lean transformation inevitable,

- training and education to understand and support the basics of a lean strategy and lean tools and techniques at all levels of the organisation,

- organising and co-animating Kaikaku and Kaizen Value Stream Analysis workshops and shop-floor sessions to understand current states and develop future states,

- training and coaching of newly-nominated value stream managers,

- development of lean metrics that drive and support lean behaviours to create value, eliminate waste and enhance customer service and company performance,

- supporting the implementation of future state value-stream designs,

- supporting the continued use of lean tools and techniques throughout the organisation.

Lean Business France does not claim to be able to carry out Value Stream Transformations in place of your own teams. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with your teams, ensuring effective and lasting skills transfer, while at the same time challenging management and their staff in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Our approach to Value Stream Transformation is tailored to the needs and culture of our customers. Our flexible approach ensures that we are clear about the end goals, but recognise that the route can change. We remain focused on delivery without being ruled by rigid methodology.


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