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More People and culture

Training and Education
Developing People and Culture

Training and education doesn't serve only to teach Lean basics and the toolset. It is a means of engaging all levels and parts of an organisation, providing an understanding of the reasons for the change along with the requirements, methods and tools to support it.

Lean training from Lean Business France focuses on customer-defined value, team-oriented processes, and decision-making based on facts and data. It is a mix of classroom discussions and simulations as well as on-the-job real-life practical exercises. As far as possible, we integrate real company examples into the training sessions, so that participants are already thinking about improvement actions when they get back to work.

We can also work with you on a 'train the trainer'' approach, so that you become independant for training requirements as early as possible in your Lean journey.

Getting people from different backgrounds and roles together around common objectives is a great opportunity to start building the new Lean culture necessary to ensure that the inevitable short-term improvements are sustained in time. We like to think of ourselves as catalysts for cultural change For us it is the key and most enjoyable part of any Lean improvement activity.

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People Development

Toyota were adamant: there can be no success making things without making people.

Imagine the utopia: your entire workforce have become responsible, accountable and skilled problem-solvers, and they have the time, tools and support needed for continuous improvement of their own activities. What kind of impact would that have on your company’s productivity and bottom line, and on the level of satisfaction of your customers?

Properly-trained, and with a thorough understanding of the company’s vision and objectives, you can develop teams of committed employees, capable of driving daily continuous improvement through solving problems as they happen and keeping processes functioning in line with objectives. You could be encouraging your employees to constantly challenge current ways of working and seek a better way of doing things.

This culture of “everyone engaged everyday” with continuous improvement is the heart of Lean Transformation.

However, one of the biggest challenges companies face during lean transformations is getting individuals to work as teams and developing a team spirit where every problem is seen as an opportunity for process improvement.

Lean Business France can support the employee development aspects of your Lean Transformation programme. Through individual and team based training and coaching, we will accompany your management in leading and motivating their teams. You can expect dramatic, sustainable increases in employee enthusiasm and morale as your people realize that they are key contributors to their own job security, and that they can perform as well as or better than any of their competitors. The result will be a real cultural transformation and engagement of your entire workforce in a sustained environment of continuous improvement. Your employees will indeed, become your most important asset.


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