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Leading by Example
Tools to Develop a Lean Culture

Culture change in general requires the analysis and improvement in a number of key areas - reward systems, measurements, communications, to name just a few.

However Lean Culture change is faciliated by a number of behaviours and methods that are specific to the Lean environment.

Firstly, leaders and managers should set themselves and their teams daily 'standard work' checklists that define clearly what it takes to focus on the process and process improvement.

Secondly, visual controls, indicating progress against objectives for all processes, should be clearly visible, understood, and generating the right behaviours.

Finally, brief daily team meetings focused on actual results against objectives can focus attention on priorities (for example, non-performing processes).

A key aspect of the managers role itself is ensuring that this discipline is adhered to.


Lean Culture

There are a number of definitions of 'culture'. "The way things get done around here" or "the collective programming of the mind" are examples. Edgar Schein defined it as "the collection of relatively uniform and enduring values, beliefs, customs, traditions and practices that are shared by an organisation’s members, learned by the new recruits and transmitted from one generation of employees to the next".

Developing a "Lean Culture" in which teamwork and problem-solving are behaviours that are valued is not going to be easy if individualism and laissez-faire are currently the 'way we do things around here'. However culture change is possible. At a minimum, understanding the current culture enables the more positive aspects to be used to contribute to the improvement initiatives, as well as addressing areas that may hinder sustainable change in the long-term.

A Lean Culture include the use of a number of tools and behaviours, described in the side panel. To supplement these, Lean Business France offers a Culture Assessment approach and toolset that will help :

- assessing the 'as-is' culture, defining the 'to-be', and performing a gap analysis,

- defining the target behaviours and the change levers available to encourage them,

- evaluating and reinforcing the new behaviours during the course of the change implementation.

The combination of our Lean Culture and Lean Leadership approaches should get your transformation programme off to the best possible start. For more information, contact us at contact@leanbusiness.fr.


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