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Lean Manufacturing

Many manufacturing operations are calling out for the application of Lean tools and techniques.

- It may take only a few minutes to manufacture a product, but it remains in the factory for days.

- A shop floor walk reveals inventory at the end of every machine.

- Tthere may even be people standing around, just in case they are needed (or alternatively, they are running around like headless chickens responding to whichever customer shouts the loudest).

Lean Manufacturing will provide a higher product output (and even better-quality products) for the use of fewer resources. It will enable you to better service your customers by reducing lead-times and creating ‘flow’ through the systematic and relentless elimination and prevention of waste activities (typically over 90% of people’s time is not adding value directly to the customers’ expectations).

Lean Business France can help you along your ‘Lean Journey’ by showing you how to address the wasted resource in the manufacturing flow, or value stream, using proven tools and techniques. Performance can be improved by understanding where the waste exists using mapping tools and driving lean techniques through your organisation. This will lead to improvements in :

 - Responsiveness, or a reduction of the total time for the manufacture of the product, from initiation to completion, leading to improved customer service, reduced inventories and a shorter purchase-to-pay cycle.

- Productivity and the reduction of non productive time through the elimination of unplanned and planned lost time, reduced rework and repair, and the development of a regular manufacturing rhythm.

- Process simplification and reliability through the identification of weaknesses and variations in key processes and the use of root cause analysis to implement and sustain improvements leading to standardised, controlled processes, earlier defect identification and improved financial performance.

Manufacturing cannot exist in isolation from the rest of the company, however, and developing lean, reliable and repeatable manufacturing processes is dependant to an extent on the existence of :

- a Lean Supply Chain integrating the manufacturing site and its main customers and suppliers

- an efficient and aligned support organisation and processes.

Many value stream transformation programmes and projects need to overcome a number of obstacles, such as backsliding to old ways of working, a lack of implementation know-how, and resistance to change. The transformation effort therefore also needs to include a significant change management effort to develop the momentum and sense of pride and ownership which will guarantee sustained improvement over time.

Lean Business France can contribute to the success of your own Lean Manufacturing Transformation. For further information, please contact us at contact@leanbusiness.fr



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