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Lean Business France

A full set of supporting documents (in French) can be accessed on the French version of this site


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Teamwork is critical

Over the years, Lean Business France has built up a number of partnerships with other established consultancies to be able to offer a full range of competencies and services. Amongst our partners you will find :

Lean Institute Germany for pan-european Lean and Supply Chain support,

NDA Consultants, who support pharmaceutical customers across the world,

Total Flow Ltd, who provide high-level Lean and Sixx Sigma consultants around the globe.

If Lean Business France cannot support your requirements ourselves, we are in an ideal position to find the people you need.

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Lean Business France

The missing piece of the puzzle.

Lean Business France provides consultancy, training and hands-on implementation support to French and international companies' leaders, management and their workforces driving improvements through the implementation of Lean Management and Lean Supply Chain principles and techniques.

My name is Peter Klym, and I am an independant operational excellence consultant working either directly with customers or as a subcontractor to larger consultancies.

With over twenty years of experience of developing Lean Management as a business strategy in manufacturing and administration areas as well as across the global Supply Chain, I can assist you in accelerating the rollout of your Lean Supply Chain strategies through :

- providing an external analysis and diagnostic of the current status and potential gains of your Lean efforts,

- encouraging a structured approach to implementing the cultural and people changes necessary to ensure that your business improvements endure in time,

- leading workshops and training events, and providing ongoing implementation support,

- working closely with yourselves, your customers and your suppliers to construct the "Lean Supply Chain"

The only way is up!With international business experience gained across all continents and in various industries and settings, I have the technical and people skills as well as the cultural and professional background to seamlessly fit into your operations and change programmes, wherever and whenever you may need me. Whether

- you plan to drive Lean Management into your overseas operations but are short of competent staff,

- you are looking to better integrate your international customers and suppliers and optimise the performance of the global supply chain, or

- you simply need a ‘foothold' in France and Europe to carry out independant supply chain, risk or quality assessments of your international holdings,

please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This website attempts to provide a brief overview of my capabilities. For more information, please contact me at peter.klym@leanbusiness.fr.


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